Sunday, September 6, 2009

The feeling Inner

Hi, i made this blog because on friday 4 of september of 2009, i feel something, and i want to ask the world if more people have felt or feel this beautiness

Well, my name is Christian Sánchez, im from México City and this is my feeling inner (if i can put it that name):

Im 24 years old and from myself i have had a beautiful life really, on this friday, i wake up in the morning, (México city is rainy in this days), i took a shower, put my clothes, take my car an went to work, like a normal friday, wainting to have fun in the night.

Like at 6 o clock in the afternoon, i took my headphones and i played Mogwai (a scottish rock band) and returned home normal, nothing out of other of disorder.

When i was driving i begin to see the buildings, people, happy people, the little green of my city (all that, all), and suddenly like from nowhere, i begin to feel, intense, TO FEEL like burning, like heat, you get me? Feel happy and sad, melancolic and euforic, all in that instant, without any drug, without something that could touch me and make me feel that way, because i was alone inside of my car, it was coming inside of me, it was recibing out of me. The feeling was warm, like a hug, it begin maybe in my stomach or in my fingers and it was completely pure, completely white, constant, slow, not like an orgasm, not like love or happiness o sadness, it was unusual but familiar, like chillhood hony and candys, like a wisper that calls from your soul and talks with eternitity.

My ego was disfragmented and gone for a moment, a "longer moment", like god (maybe) or something was telling me that everything was there, that i was part of something beautiful and perfect, something infinit bigger and infinit smaller, i feel like my eyes get into tears without happening and felt my spirit was free, token out from my bones and my mind.

Is there is someone outthere that have felt this? it changed me it make me feel like an angel, and i really think that there are millions of persons that have felt this, in this time in this era, in our era and so i write this... and im screaming all the world that i was alive one second and before that second life is diferent...